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Get Involved

There are three main ways to be involved in the Annual MITA Conference. 

  1. Mini Keynote Speaker

  2. Workshop Presenter

  3. Job Alike Facilitator

Mini Keynote Speaker

Each year, we invite members from our talented community of teachers to share their wisdom during the opening and closing of the conference. Instead of a single keynote, we organize four 12-minute presentations, each by a faculty member from a different school. These talks are designed to share teaching philosophies, stories, inspiration or techniques.


Workshops at MITA are led by teachers, with teachers in mind, and are accordingly focused on practical applicability. They cover a wide array of pedagogical techniques, hands-on activities, technological tools and management methods. Each attendee at the conference will be able to attend one morning and one afternoon session, so choose wisely.

Job Alike

Unlike workshops, a job-alike focuses on specific courses or subjects. They present an opportunity for groups of teachers with the same class to share resources and ideas, while tackling difficulties unique to their field. As such, job-alike sessions are mostly discussion-based and are led by experienced educators from the region. Each attendee at the conference will be able to attend one job-alike.

Job Alike facilitators attend MITA at a 50% reduced rate.

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